Brief Rule

1. The Chess Rule(Asian Rule)'s games are judging by the Asian Rule. If you chase or checkmate perpetually your opponent's pieces or king for more than 7 times in a same progress, you violate the Asian Rule, and will be judged "lose".
If no piece is eaten(or called "captured")in more than 50 moves(both sides combined together are totally 100 moves),'s judging system will judge this game as a "draw" game automatically.
In certain tournament games, if the total game time over the limit of given time, such games will be judged as "draw" games.
Frequently disconneted players will be judged as "lose" if they disconnect without a reasonable amount
2. Game Time Rule(game time, move time, and the seconds reading time)
Game Time: The game time is the time given to players to finish the game. For example: 30 minutes game, the 30 minutes means the game time.
Move Time: The move time in are all set to 5 minutes. If a game time is less than 5 minutes, then this game time is the move time.
Seconds Reading Time: The seconds reading time is the time given to players to continue the games, while their game time is used up. In, If the game time is N minutes, then the seconds reading time is N seconds. For example, a 30 minutes game has a 30 seconds time for reading. Respectively, 15 minutes game has 15 seconds.
Note that a disconnection will not affect the either game time, move time or seconds reading time. It is your responisibility to get back as soon as possible, otherwise system will judge it as a lose if move time is used up!!
3. Two Arenas of mainly includes two game zones: The Rating game arena, and the tournament game arena.
In The Rating Arena, games playing mainly depend on players' rating score. High score players will play in high score areas. For example: score 1000 to 1100 playing in U1100. 1100 to 1200 playing in U1200 area. If you win game, you will have chance to get coins and points for your score.
In The Tournament Arena, your target is to fight for higher Class position. It is a ladder form of tournament. You are stronger, get better Class. Class is a honor for a player. Class is set to 9 levels. from 9P to 1P. Note that the 9P is the lowest Class position. in Tournament Arena, there are minimum requiremnents for score and coins.
4. "personal Tax" Rule
Each account need to hand in 1 coin as "tax"(system will get it automatically from your account).Once the coins in your account is -30, your account will be "frozen". If no futhur action taking within 2 months, system will delete this account cautomatically. This rule is set to keep our server resource to use properly.
Each new account will gain 0 coins automatically from system after registration. You can gain coins by playing game in rating Arena, or from game "guess who will win the game". Note: The coins have no real money value.
5. Rating score Rule calculates the score using the international standard ELO score rule. The main points are: You will win more points if your opponent's score is very high, and lose less points if you lose the game. If the game time is longer , you win more points too. respectly, you win less points in a fast game.
6. Forget password or data?
If you forget your password, or account login name, ID etc.., you can get it back by email automatically from system. However, you need to get the verification first in our system.
7. Other Rules
Game outcome betting, the player's style, or other Rule, please read the guide for details.